HADOO Hybrid Run (3 pieces set)

★ Increase surprising fuel efficiency
Record achievement! Hybrid fuel economy

「Hybrid Run」 has been developed to increase the torque of the motor and extend the running time by activating the PCU (power control unit) which can be said as the heart of the hybrid car.

Mileage can still be extended. 「Goods for necessities in hybrids」.

Mounting position

Close to the PCU of the orange power line connecting PCU and HV battery,
Attach 2 pieces so as to sandwich a line,
Paste another one on the HV battery side (lower side of the car body) of the orange power line.

「Fuel economy thinking」
Raising the capability of hybrid motor Lightning starts lightly, it is easy to rise even on an uphill slope, such innovative item that the mileage of EV mode (running with motor only) increases and fuel consumption is also affected! ! Up to now it cost 10,000 yen with refueling once
3000 yen at 7000 yen If you refuel 5 times as much as you like, you can get the original and get better and steady after that! !


商品名 : HADOO Hybrid Run (3 pieces set)

価格 : 16,500円 (税込)

ショップポイント : 1,650

数量 :