HADOO Radiator Lower

Coolant is present to cool the engine. Since the fuel is burning inside the engine, if it is set to nothing, the temperature of the engine will rise steadily and overheat. By passing coolant liquid using multiple effects such as ion system and high frequency through the inside of the engine, it efficiently absorbs the generated heat.
Radiator It is a part developed for exclusive use for lower hose, developed to aim for improvement of cooling efficiency of cooling water and stabilization of water temperature, which minimize power down by heat.

Torque of low to medium rotation is comfortable to the utmost!

The installation position is as close as possible to the engine of the radiator lower hose,

Please cover the hose and fix with the attached tie wrap.


商品名 : HADOO Radiator Lower

価格 : 12,100円 (税込)

ショップポイント : 1,210

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