HADOO EARTH (Earth cable)

Torque and response improve and powerful acceleration!

As a result of pursuing further power feeling, I was able to experience the powerful acceleration by reacting quickly to the accelerator as well as the torque feeling of the fourth bat of "HADOO Earth" born as a result. Please feel free to experience the evolved HADOO Earthing.

● Miracle tuning beyond the concept of earthing! I heard a voice saying "Earthing now?" ...

It is because many people think that 'Earthing is a thing of the past, this degree', it is now that I want to recommend it! 「HADOO Earth」 is!
As already connected with a metal bracket (being grounded), it seems to be "Does not mean anything?", But the concept of earthing so far does not apply to 「HADOO EARTH」!

Both petrol cars, diesel cars, and hybrid cars are wired with only one wire, surprisingly improved torque and response of the engine and motor, and can enjoy a moderate and powerful acceleration!

Also, as far as I heard the audio, the smaller the sound is clearly heard, "I think this is the same sound source!", It changes to the sound quality overflowing realism! Well, although only one can feel a drastic change, the next step I would like to recommend is earth to mission from body.


商品名 : HADOO EARTH (Earth cable)

価格 : 16,500円 (税込)

ショップポイント : 1,650

数量 :